See you in Milan! 23 – 26 February 2018

Avanti Furs proudly invites you to attend “The One MIlano” – International Exhibition, that will participate.

Avanti Furs welcomes you at the 2nd Fur Shopping Festival in Kastoria

 2nd Fur Shopping Festival: A great “festival” of prices in Kastoria! 

Avanti Furs Online Collection – Discover New Categories & Products

AVANTI FURS at the 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair!

Great success for AVANTI FURS at the 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair – 4-7 May 2017

New Collection 2017 – 2018 at the 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair

Discover our stunning New Collection at the 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair

Fur Excellence in Athens 2017 – We are waiting for you


AVANTI FURS participates at the biggest Greek Fur Exhibitions!

AVANTI FURS Cordially invites you to attend the following International Fur Fairs that will participate, where our Special Collection 2017 – 2018 shall be presented.

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot AVANTI FURS New Collection 2017 – 2018

Time for inspiration, time for new feelings and emotions! AVANTI FURS New Collection 2017 – 2018 is ready to steal your hearts!

Great success at the Auction of American Legend for AVANTI FURS!

Great success at the Auction of American Legend, in Finland, for AVANTI FURS!

Fur Excellence in Athens 2017 – AVANTI FURS is the Irresistible reason to visit

AVANTI FURS New stunning Collection 2017 – 2018 is the irresistible reason to visit Fur Excellence in Athens 2017.

Introducing our Stunning new Collection 2017-2018

Thousands of people have adored our irresistible  new Collection 2017-2018 at Hong Kong International Fur and Fashion Fair & at MIFUR-the International Fur and Leather Exhibition 2017!!

We have the honour to participate in the Hong Kong International Fur Fair and the MIFUR 2017!

We can’t wait to present you our special Collection 2017 – 2018  during the Hong Kong International Fur & Fair and the MIFUR 2017!

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Fur coats in Ekaterinburg

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Mink coats in Moscow

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Furs in Russia

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Furs in Dubai

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Lynx fur coat, mink fur coats with lynx and lynx coat prices

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