Fur coats will be worn in Chelyabinsk for the 2015 season and AVANTI Furs brings it’s best fur coats at Chelyabinsk. Here is some important information about buying fur coats in the beautiful city of Chelyabinsk.

Mink fur coats in Chelyabinsk
Mink fur coats in Chelyabinsk are easy to find, but AVANTI Furs Greek fur coats made in Kastoria, Greece, are sold only at MONDIAL fur store at RODNIK Mall. Mink furs in many new styles are available in all sizes from extra small to XXXL. Every woman’s figure is unique for AVANTI Fur’s designers and that’s why ANANTI operates a Sur Mesure department in Kastoria.

Cheap fur coats in Chelyabinsk
Cheap fur coats are available in Chelyabinsk if someone is looking to buy low quality Chinese furs. Low quality mink skins and inexperienced furriers may produce fur coats with low durability and if you are not lucky you may need to remodel and fix that many times, losing the price saved.

Greek furs in Chelyabinsk
AVANTI Furs manufactures fur coats according to the family tradition in Kastoria, in Greece. Our designers and fur craftsmen carefully bring to market every single fur coat, because a good quality beautiful fur coat will make a woman happy for many years. Enjoy the high quality fur coats by AVANTI Furs, ask about us.. our reputation has been our path to success for more than 150 years!
All products made by AVANTI Furs carry an Authenticity code and can be checked for authenticity online at avantifurs.com/authenticity

Fur stores in Chelyabinsk selling AVANTI Furs 2015 Collection
Try AVANTI’s new 2015 fur collection at MONDIAL fur store in Chelyabinsk. The best Greek furs are only available at the store at Mall RODNIK, Truda street number 203, at the 1st floor. The MONDIAL fur store is the only one in Chelyabinsk with a license to sell fur coats by AVANTI Furs. That’s why visitors will also find all exclusive collections such as Lynx furs and chinchilla fur coats. The latest sable collection includes magnificent new styles of fur coats and jackets made of the top quality Barguzinsky sable. Finally Swakara fur styles are available in many new karakul colors.

Contact the MONDIAL fur store in Chelyabinsk and ask for AVANTI’s new styles. Get your price information and fur type’s availability and arrange for a VIP rendez-vous with the furs of your dreams!