AVANTI Furs Sur Mesure - Γούνινες ζακέτες

AVANTI δημιουργίες Sur Mesure απο ζιμπελίνα, σβακάρα, τσιντσιλά και ρενάρ για κάθε γούνινη φαντασία.

Sur mesure

AVANTI always looks for challenges coming from our VIP clientele. Please do not hesitate to contact AVANTI with your fur garment desires and we will do our best to satisfy your every wish.

Sur Mesure Unique Style Fur Philosophy

Our designers will arrange for taking all the necessary measures and arrangements to bring your fantasy to life

Any request our client may have is well respected and our sole interest is keeping you happy so don't hesitate to ask, be it fur carpet for your luxury automobile or fur blanket for your yacht suite, you'll be pleasantly surprised with our ability to impress you and your party!