Mink Fur

AVANTI FURS uses all kinds of fur skins and for large part of it's fur production it uses mink fur.

Mink skins come in numerous qualities, sizes, types and colors, either natural or dyed during their dressing in order to achieve modern clothing colors. AVANTI FURS buys male and female mink skins at all major auctions like Kopenhagen Fur, American Legend and many others. At fur auctions AVANTI FURS selects the best mink skins, the so called TOP LOTS so that we may always offer the best quality mink fur and that our customers are always certain of our fur quality.

Of course AVANTI FURS always creates modern designs and uses mink fur not only for entirely mink garments but also in garments where mink is paired with other fur types as a secondary fur, such as astragan coat with mink collar, sleeves or mink hood and many many more.

Blackglama, Pearl, Mahogany, Brown, and White are some of the most dominant mink colors in fashion throughout the years and certainly make mink fur the most recognized and popular fur type in garments. AVANTI FURS designers care for mink fur and each year create the most beautiful mink fur coats to be worn by women around the world. You may find a mink fur coat best suited for you in the all new 2024-2025 AVANTI FURS Collection.