Fur Care


Fur Care

1 Always hang your fur on a broad shouldered hanger never on a wire hanger. Give your fur enough room in the closet so the fur in not crushed.

2 Never hang your fur in a plastic bag or rubber-linest bag. When travelling store your fur in a cloth garment bag provided by your furrier

3 If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. When it rains, you should make sure that the hem does not get into contact with stagnant waters, when getting out of your car.

Keep it away from direct heat or a radiator, which can cause both fur and leather to dry out. After it is dry shake it again. Most furs will take some rain and snow far better than wool or other winter coat.

4 Never attempt to mothproof your fur yourself.
Home treatments are no substitute for professional cleaning and storage.

5 Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray to your fur.

6 Have fur cleaned annually by a specialist definitely not a dry cleaner.

7 Avoid leaving a fur hanging in a bright place.The light can cause to fur to oxidize or change color.