Furs in Beijing in 2014 are a great challenge for fashion stylists. Mink fur coats are seen in all major designers 2014-2015 Fall Collections. AVANTI Furs presented it’s new collection in the major fur exhibitions in Hong Kong, Milan and Athens in Greece. Blackglama fur coats were once again the central theme along with sable furs.

Lynx fur coats in China
Lynx fur was also a special collection as AVANTI designs a separate collection of fur coats with the best Lynx fur in the world. The entire lynx fur collection is available in the Beijing fur stores in China.

Swakara furs
AVANTI develops an exclusive swakara collection for 2014-2015. It’s designers work carefully with the best swakara skins and create fur coats for AVANTI’s elite VIP. AVANTI bought the Top Lot in White Swakara skins in Copenhagen for yet another year. Top lot skins are a few select skins labeled to be the best in the world. AVANTI uses swakara skins in many colors, making an exclusive line of swakara furs.

Where to buy fur coats in Beijing
Beijing is a regular fur market with hundreds of fur stores in the greater city area. Yabaolu is the most popular one with many small fur stores. One should be very careful buying fur there as it is not a regulated fur market such as Kastoria, Moscow or Dubai.

Fur stores in Beijing
AVANTI owns and operates two of the finest fur stores in Beijing. Located at the Peninsula Hotel in Dong Cheng district, the fur store maintains the highest quality furs made in Kastoria. Contact the Beijing fur store for more information on how to get there, ask for the latest fur collection. Mink, lynx, sable, swakara and chinchilla furs are available throughout the year.

Fur coats in China
China is the largest producer of fur coats in the world. China is also the largest producer of mink skins in the world. A large part of them is used for the Russian market as it is cheaper than European and American furs. AVANTI Furs manufactures furs only in Kastoria, Greece. Every single fur coat has an AVANTI Authenticity label that verifies it is original.

You can verify the code of your AVANTI fur coat in the website’s Authenticity page with only one step! AVANTI FURS guarantees the top quality of your fur coats.
Visit AVANTI fur store in Beijing and find the best fur coat for yourself!