Thessaloniki, the largest city in the north of Greece, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans. The entire city is stretched over 10km of seaside, a pleasant walk on any day. A map of the city will easily help you navigate through the beautiful streets and passages of the center of the city. Very close to the famous Aristotelous square, foodies can enjoy inexpensive food joints or gourmet restaurants to taste the local cuisine which is said to be among the best in Europe, blending the Eastern influence of Turkey with the Greek tastes of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thessaloniki attractions
The city has a history of 2,500 years and is full of museums such as the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Art. The white tower, the city’s emblem, is located right at the city center, and most museums are within walking distance. The city’s cultural heritage is apparent through the city’s many ancient structures such as the Kamara, the Rotonda and other attractions.

Thessaloniki Airport
Thessaloniki Airport is very close to the city, only a 20 minute drive or 45 minute bus ride to the center. Taxi is not expensive and very commonly used. The ring road is often used to circumvent the city’s traffic. Thessaloniki’s road network is well connected to all cities, including, Kastoria, Katerini and Athens.

Weather in Thessaloniki
The weather in Thessaloniki is typical Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. All seasons give Thessaloniki a unique and diverse beauty, a popular European destination all year round. It is rarely too warm or too cold in Thessaloniki, and the city’s cultural agenda is always full of surprising events.

Furs in Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki’s proximity to Kastoria makes it a destination for fur shopping. Fur coats in Kastoria are found throughout the city. Kastorian fur is well known all over the world for it’s traditional craftsmanship and unique elegance. AVANTI Furs, one of the oldest fur manufacturers in Kastoria, is located at the entrance of the city and still maintains the fur factory next to the fur showroom. It is unique to see how fur skins are made into magnificent fur coats. Mink fur coats come in many different mink colors, and of course Blackglama fur coats are always available to please those who love the most famous black mink type of all. Lynx coats are very popular in the AVANTI furs collection. Sable and chinchilla are also our designer’s favorite furs to work with. Swakara styles are also available in our 2014-2015 collection in many new colors. Available in different styles and all sizes, the Kastoria fur store of AVANTI Furs is of course the location where all AVANTI coats are first available.

From Thessaloniki to Kastoria
Thessaloniki is very close to Kastoria, the source of Europe’s fur manufacturing. Top Kastorian fur brand AVANTI is less than 1.5 hour drive from Thessaloniki airport. The route from Thessaloniki to Kastoria through Veria is almost 180km, a very picturesque route. Most visitors rent a car and drive to Kastoria, a beautiful field trip combined with buying a fur coat.
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