Furs in Russians the central dressing code of people, but it is not because of the elite fashion status. Fur means a lot more to Russians. In the old times there used to be a need for fur inside the houses as a means of warmth. Russian sable, beaver or marten was commonly found in the countryside and was soon brought into the cities. Some rulers used fur as a gift to foreign ambassadors and to reward local nobles. It was soon used by people as a means of trading for other goods or services such as food or education.
Fur quickly became a status symbol, fur hats came to fashion, and during the last 20 years the Russian people proudly wear fur that is designed to be as beautiful as ever.

Russian Fur fashion
Russian Fur fashion is indeed a special part of the fur world. Russians are probably the most demanding buyers of fur coats due to their love and appreciation of fur. Being very familiar with mink, sable, chinchilla and lynx gives Russian women a purpose for wearing it. AVANTI Furs in Kastoria, the most famous traditional fur manufacturer in Greece, has been designing fur coats for Russian women for more than 150 years. The Russian requests for classical high quality fur and the world fashion trends for modern styles has brought Russian fur into a leading position. AVANTI is certainly a leader in fur styles every year and one of the reasons is its Russian clientele.

Greek fur
Greek fur is a significant part of the Russian fur tradition. It is rooted in the bond between the two countries. Russians have a love for Greece in the same way that Greeks have a special love for Russians. In part because of respect for each other’s rich history and accomplishments and of course our common Orthodox religious beliefs.
Greek fur made in Kastoria carries a significant quality which is based on the traditional careful manufacturing of mink and sable. Today the fur craftsmen of AVANTI Furs are considered among the world’s finest, manufacturing exclusive lynx as well as chinchilla and swakara fur coats.

Fur stores in Russia
There is a careful selection of fur stores in Russia licenced to sell AVANTI Fur coats. Those stores locations can be found in the Russian Fur stores section of our website here. Locations include the cities of Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Ufa, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, Cheboksari, Yakutsk, Tver, Surgut and Khabarovsk. The 2015 AVANTI Blackglama collection is available in all Russian fur stores. Also extraordinary Lynx fur styles are out for the new season.
Use the map to visit these fur stores in Russia to buy original Greek furs. Customers can always check the Authenticity of their AVANTI fur garments by verifying their unique AVANTI Furs code here.