Greek furs, Kastoria mink fur coats are the best in the world. Get Kastoria fur reviews and buy a Greek fur coat in Kastoria.

Kastoria Furs
When you visit Kastoria, Greece, buy a Greek fur coat in Kastoria. AVANTI Furs, one of the oldest family owned fur manufacturers in Kastoria, is located right before the city’s entrance. The Kastoria fur store and the fur factory are in the same location, so visitors may ask to see where their fur coat was made. All AVANTI furs are made in the Kastoria fur factory.

Greek mink fur coats
Mink fur coats manufacturing is an old tradition in the city of Kastoria. Connoisseurs of working very well with mink, they have been making mink fur coats for hundreds of years. Today few companies continue to provide the very best quality Greek furs are known for. AVANTI Furs is proud to offer Greek mink fur coats made of the best mink skins of every year. AVANTI Collection embraces all types and colors of mink, including the famous Blackglama mink fur coats.

Get Kastoria fur reviews
Visitors look for authentic Greek furs in Kastoria, and they know where to look for them. Ask before you arrive.. Get fur reviews, visit the most experienced fur manufacturers and buy the best mink fur coat for yourself. AVANTI Furs wants you to comment on the Kastoria furs you like the most. Use the form below to write about your experience and why Greek furs are your choice.