Lynx fur

Lynx fur stands out for the white long haired fur with the black spots which is the lynx belly. That makes it a special kind of fur everyone loves to see! Lynx requires extra care when making a fur coat. Fur experts at AVANTI work very carefully to select the best lynx skins and use the belly to make some of the most beautiful fur coats in the entire AVANTI Furs Collection.

Mink fur coat with lynx
Lynx looks very good on mink, that’s why we often see mink fur coats with lynx. It is common that we see black, mahogany and brown mink coats with lynx hoods or collars. White lynx fur adds beauty to dark mink and so it is a favorite fur combination.

Lynx fur coat price
Lynx fur is not cheap. Actually good quality lynx fur is one of the most expensive types of fur! Lynx furs prices vary from time to time, and the quality of the garment has a lot to do with the final price. Either a fur coat or a jacket, one thing is for sure.. There is no cheap lynx coat.

Buy a lynx fur coat
AVANTI Furs uses some of the world’s finest lynx skins every year, selected from the best collections. All AVANTI fur stores have top quality Lynx garments throughout the season. Locate the nearest AVANTI fur store and ask for the latest lynx fur collection arrivals. The 2014-2015 lynx fur collection is already available in most points of sale.