Hong Kong Fur Exhibition

06/11/2014 Hong Kong Fur Exhibition

Fur in Hong Kong became an important part of the Chinese cultural trade as the Chinese in the North of China used fur just for protection against the cold weather. Fur history dates back to the 11th century. Cold whether similar to Russia with temperatures reaching -40C increased the need for fur trade. 

In the old times, otters, wolf and fox skins were the common furs of choice for the Chinese . Later came Lynx Cat, Mink and Sable fur. 

In Hong Kong, once a British colony and one of the biggest financial centers in Asia, the fur business grew during World War 2 period. Fur became a signature outfit of all the government representatives in that time. Wearing fur however did not mean just warm keeping or status for the Chinese. It was also a fashion statement, a key motive for the big success of  the Hong Kong’s Fur exhibition. 

The Hong Kong fur association was established in 1979 by 57 fur/skin factories. The purpose of the association has been to develop the overseas opportunities, expand the international market, and improve HK local fur business development. 

AVANTI FURS and most of it’s 150 associates, including fur craftsmen and manufacturers, wholesale and retail sellers, skin producers and fashion designers participate every year at the exhibition that has become one of the biggest and important events in the fur and fashion industry. This year it will take place from 25 to 28 of February 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai. 

AVANTI FURS will present the latest 2015 AVANTI Collection and a wide variety of styles in all kinds of fur. Blackglama fur coats, Swakara coats, beautiful white Lynx Cat coats and the best Sable coats ever designed.