Fur coats in Ekaterinburg, a beautiful gift idea for a beautiful lady! AVANTI Furs has a new fur collection in Ekaterinburg fur stores BISON and EUROPEAN FURS. Ekaterinburg fur stores now have the AVANTI Furs new styles made of mink, sable, swakara, lynx and chinchilla.

Buy a fur coat in Yekaterinburg
Buy a fur coat in Yekaterinburg fur stores licensed to sell AVANTI Furs coats. AVANTI verifies Authenticity of it’s fur products using the Authenticity code of all it’s furs. Original Greek fur coats may be found in Ekaterinburg fur stores.

Mink coats Ekaterinburg
Mink coats are in fashion in Ekaterinburg and AVANTI Furs mink furs collection is available with new styles, new colors and an Exclusive Blackglama Mink Collection. Mink coats in natural colors, light colors and dyed mink are sold in all AVANTI salespoints in Ekaterinburg.

Ekaterinburg fur shops
Visit the Ekaterinburg fur stores found here in the map of Yekaterinburg. Ask to see the latest fur models of AVANTI Furs.
Ekaterinburg fur coat stores European Furs in 52 Marta Street and BISON in Scerlova street number 14 are located in the center of Yekaterinburg. Contact the fur stores for more information on how to get to a fur store near you.

Where to buy fur in Ekaterinburg
The fur stores Bison and European Furs in Yekaterinburg are very popular and people should trust them when buying fur. However there is more to the city than it’s beautiful fur stores.

Ekaterinburg, the city of Sverdlovsk Oblast with a population of 1,500,000 is a beautiful city with a great sense of culture and fashion. The city, known for it’s theaters and many libraries, is a hub for Art and Fashion. Home of dance companies such as the Kipling, and the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, Yekaterinburg is home for many cultural events. It’s outgoing citizens live in a city of beautiful architecture, and among strange but popular monuments such as the Keyboard and Michael Jackson monument!

The center of the city has many shopping options and of course a few select fur stores. Visit AVANTI Salespoints throughout Russia for high quality fur coats. AVANTI Furs are the best furs in the world made in Kastoria, Greece.