Fur coats in Omsk are a central part of the winter dress code. People regularly visit fur stores in Omsk throughout the year to see what styles will be in fashion during the next winter season. Mondial fur in Omsk is guaranteed to impress anyone looking for a beautiful fur coat, carrying the last AVANTI Furs Collection for the 2014-2015 Winter season.


Mink coats in Omsk

It is usual that people in Omsk primarily look for Greek mink coats as they are perceived to be the highest quality among all mink furs. Greek furs are manufactured in Kastoria, the traditional fur craftsmen city in the north of Greece where AVANTI Furs under the guidance of the Kranias Family has been manufacturing fur coats for more than 150 years. Mink fur coats were always the traditional fur coat of choice and the three brothers running the company, Argirios, Stavros and Loukas carried the family tradition of fur manufacturing.


Buy a fur coat in Omsk

Today AVANTI Furs designs and manufactures one of the largest fur collections in the world. Visit the Mondial fur store in Omsk and try on the best furs. Lovers of mink are always impressed by the AVANTI BLACKGLAMA fur collection made by the world’s finest black mink.


Lynx furs are also an important part of the AVANTI fur collection in 2014. The new 2015 Lynx collection is already out and new models in all lengths and sizes. New swakara models are also available in all colors in a new Swakara collection by AVANTI. The always exclusive chinchilla fur coats will dazzle the ones who favor the soft chinchilla fur.


Sable fur coats in Omsk

Sable fur coats are a special request of our VIP clientele in Russia. Omsk is not different, and AVANTI is offering some of it’s best sable fur coats of the 2015 collection at the MONDIAL fur store at the MEGA Mall in Omsk.


Fur stores in Omsk

Mondial fur store in Omsk is one of the best know fur stores in the city. Visit the showroom found in the Mega Mall found at Architects Boulevard street.  Call the fur store at +73812246493 for more information on AVANTI Furs new fur coats collection and ask for your favorite fur types. Mondial will guarantee the origin of it’s Greek furs since AVANTI verifies it’s fur garments authenticity through it’s online Authenticity code system.


Buy Greek furs in Omsk at the Mondial fur store at the Mall MEGA. AVANTI manufactures all of its fur coats in Kastoria, Greece.