What kind of furs can you find in Rhodes, what do you prefer? Get your reviews on fur in Rhodes and buy a Greek fur coat from AVANTI Furs!

You can buy a fur coat in Rhodes
You can buy a fur coat in Rhodes from April to October if you visit one of the many fur stores on the island. AVANTI Furs has two magnificent fur stores anyone can visit. Click here to get a map of the fur stores in Rhodes.

Fur coat Reviews in Rhodes
Fur coats in Rhodes are easy to find, but you have to go to the right fur store to find good quality Greek furs!

AVANTI fur store brings a magnificent fur coat collection in Rhodes island every year. Having two stores, one on the way to Lindos and one in Faliraki, visitors may visit the famous fur stores all summer long. AVANTI Furs are produced in Kastoria, Greece, and most designs are available in Rhodes.

Mink coats, chinchilla, sable or swakara and lynx, people are welcome to comment on the furs that they find in Rhodes. We are eager to get your reviews. AVANTI always listens to it’s customers, that’s why our designs and fur garments quality stay to be the best in the world.