Kazan is next in the list of special cities where AVANTI Furs displays it’s magnificent 2015 fur collection. Find out where in Kazan one can find mink fur coats, lynx furs and other dream coats by AVANTI!

Mink furs in Kazan
Women in Kazan have a special love for mink fur coats. Their favorite? Blackglama fur coats of course! AVANTI Furs Blackglama selection is available in new styles for 2015. Ask for Blackglama fur coats by AVANTI in all sizes.
Mink Furs in Kazan are definitely a dress tradition, and mink has always been an important type of fur. AVANTI makes fur coats in all types of mink, natural and colored. Black, Mahogany, Brown, Silverblue, Pearl, White and Sapphire are only a few of the wide variety found in AVANTI Furs salespoints around the world. Mondial fur store n Kazan keeps a wide selection of AVANTI Fur coats 2015 Collection.

Kazan fur coats Catalog
There is a large selection of furs offered by AVANTI Furs in Kazan. Lynx furs are available in a selection of white fur coats and jackets with perfect black spots, in new styles that are more beautiful than ever. Karakul fur coats and jackets are also in fashion with many new colors coming out this year. AVANTI selects the best swakara skins and this year uses the top lot in white Swakara furs to manufacture some of the best swakara fur coats in the world.
Sable is an exclusive part of the AVANTI Furs 2015 Collection and in Kazan AVANTI keeps some of the best sable fur coats. People may call the fur store and ask for an appointment to try the best sable furs in their size. AVANTI Furs operates a Sur mesure department for all exclusive requests on fur.

Chinchilla fur coats are always a proud section for AVANTI Furs. Many of our clientele love our chinchilla fur coats and AVANTI Furs makes a unique 2015 Chinchilla collection for them.

Buy a fur coat in Kazan
Fur store MONDIAL at Mall TANDEM is the only fur store in Kazan licensed to sell AVANTI fur coats. Located at Ibragimov av. 56 2nd floor , the Mondial fur store is famous for high quality Greek fur coats. AVANTI Furs offers it’s fur coats in all sizes in Kazan at Mondial fur store. You may contact the store at +7(843)5188326-8

Kazan fur stores, where to buy a fur coat in Kazan
Kazan fur market has shifted form the street shops to the new malls. The best place to find authentic fur coats is MONDIAL fur store at Mall TANDEM. All AVANTI Furs product carry an Authenticity code which verifies that the fur is original made in Kastoria by AVANTI Furs. AVANTI’s Authenticity code may be used here to verify that your AVANTI fur coat is original.