Furs in Cheboksary, find out where to buy original Greek fur coats made of mink, lynx and other types of fur. MONDIAL fur store in Cheboksary is the only store licensed to sell AVANTI Furs for the 2014-2015 season.
Mink coats in Cheboksary
It is well know that Greek furs made in Kastoria are the best in the world. People who visit the MONDIAL fur store at KASKAD Mall will find the most beautiful mink coats with the AVANTI label. BLACKGLAMA mink coats are certainly in high demand for yet another year. Also mink coats in all colors are available to try at the showroom. Visit the MONDIAL fur store and ask to see the entire mink fur collection. The newest mink fur coat styles are available in all sizes for the 2014-2015 winter season.
Buy a fur coat in Cheboksary
AVANTI Furs gives everyone in Cheboksary the chance to own a beautiful fur coat. The new mink collection includes BLACKGLAMA fur coats in new styles and also many other types of fur. Swakara fur coats are available in new colors. Chinchilla fur models are always exceptional fur coats in the AVANTI Collection. Also this year AVANTI has some of the best Chinchilla coats in the Cheboksary fur store. Of course don’t forget to ask for the newest models made of lynx fur. Lynx fur coats are an important part of AVANTI furs and our designers have put together an exclusive selection of new lynx fur coats.
Fur stores in Cheboksary
One of the best fur stores in Cheboksary has been chosen to sell the finest fur coats in the world. MONDIAL fur store located in the KASKAD Mall at President boulevard 20 is where AVANTI Furs new fur collection is available. Visit the fur store in Cheboksary and try the latest designs. Styles are available in most sizes. Call the MONDIAL store for information on all AVANTI fur models. Ask for your favorite types of fur.