Furs in Khabarovsk and where to buy them. Find out more about VENTIDO fur store which sells the worldwide famous AVANTI fur coats.

Khabarovsk mink coats
AVANTI Furs is one of the oldest fur manufacturers in the world, with a family tradition in mink fur coats. Using the best mink skins, AVANTI produces mink coats in all colors, natural and dyed. Visit the AVANTI Furs website to see all available mink fur colors.

Buy a fur coat in Khabarovsk
Fur coats prices in Khabarovsk vary and if you want to get value for your money, it’s best to go to a known fur store like VENTIDO and ask before you buy anything. Greek fur coats are well known for their high quality. AVANTI Furs, with stores and selling points all over the world, produces fur coats in Kastoria. It is certain that the AVANTI collection of this season has fur coats for your taste. All fur types, chinchilla, sable, lynx, swakara and fox come in new styles and are available in all sizes.

Khabarovsk fur stores
The only fur store in Khabarovsk where one may buy original AVANTI Furs is VENTIDO located at Lenin’s street 40. You may call at +74212416663 and +74212213710 or see the map of the fur store in Khabarovsk here.