Find out where to find good quality fur coats in Krasnoyarsk. MONDIAL fur store in Krasnoyarsk carries the AVANTI Furs 2015 Collection.

Mink coats in Krasnoyarsk
Mink coats in Krasnoyarsk are in fashion every year. Buy a fur coat at one of the best fur stores in Krasnoyarsk, MONDIAL at Mall June. This year AVANTI fur coats are available in Krasnoyarsk only in MONDIAL.

Krasnoyarsk fur coats catalog
There are many fur coat catalogs in Russia. To buy an original fur coat one has to buy from a valid fur store. MONDIAL is the only fur store in Krasnoyarsk licensed to sell AVANTI fur coats for this season. AVANTI provides an authenticity code with every fur garment. You can use it on the website to verify the authenticity of your fur coat!

Krasnoyarsk fur stores
Fur stores in Krasnoyarsk are easy to find, but MONDIAL fur store is the only fur store in the city licensed to sell the original AVANTI fur coats. Located at the 2n floor in Mall June, P.Zheleznyak street 23, the beautiful showroom carries all the newest fur coats in the 2015 Collection. Visit the website here to see the fur store in the map of Krasnoyarsk, or call the store at +7(391)2568500-2 for more information.

Krasnoyarsk fur coat prices
In Krasnoyarsk one may find fur coats in all prices. Greek fur coats are known to be of higher quality than Chinese fur coats and people in Russia prefer them. Fur prices depend on the type of fur. The most exclusive lynx fur coats, sable furs and Chinchilla fur styles are usually more expensive as those fur skins are usually more expensive than mink. Of course Blackglama mink fur coats are also in high demand because they are limited in quantities. Some stores offer cheap Blackglama fur coats, which is always misleading. People should ask for the Blackglama label or AVANTI Authenticity code to verify the origin of their fur coat.

Fur coat collection
Swakara fur coats and jackets come in new colors in the new AVANTI Furs collection. Visit the AVANTI fur store online and find more amazing fur accessories and gift ideas. Fur photos and descriptions are available. The online e-shop is protected by secure payment system for credit card payments and all orders are fulfilled directly by the AVANTI Furs warehouse in Kastoria.

Read more about AVANTI Furs in our website. All AVANTI fur coats are made in Kastoria, Greece.