Mink coats in Moscow are sold everywhere from expensive malls and exclusive boutiques to street market shops. Greek furs are usually sold in licensed stores such as MKM SOKOLNIKI – FUR SALON where one may find the AVANTI Furs 2014-2015 collection of mink coats.

The traditional natural mink colors (black, mahogany, brown and glow mink), the exclusive Blackglama labeled mink coats, silverblue, blue iris, sapphire, palomino, pastel as well as light colored mink (pearl, white) and cross colors are all available in the 2015 mink fur collection of AVANTI Furs.

Where to buy an authentic fur coat in Moscow
In Moscow you can buy a fur coat with the Authenticity label of AVANTI Furs which verifies that your fur coat is made in Kastoria by the best fur manufacturer. World famous AVANTI furs are sold in MKM Sokolniki and LLC“ART PROEKT 1. All mink coats, sable, chinchilla, swakara and lynx furs may be authenticated by verifying the code in the AVANTI Furs website.
To visit MKM SOKOLNIKI – FUR SALON you can use the map here, or call the Moscow fur store for an appointment. Ask about the AVANTI collection and the furs you are interested in.

Lynx fur coats in Moscow
Lynx is a very special part of the AVANTI 2015 fur collection. The latest styles are already in Moscow and everyone may try them at Sokolnicheskaya Square 4, MKM SOKOLNIKI – FUR SALON, as well as LLC“ART PROEKT 1 fur store at Zemlyanoi Val str., 39/1, building 1. AVANTI selects the best lynx skins in the world to produce an exclusive lynx collection every year. The 2015 lynx collection in Moscow is sure to make an impression.

Fur Prices in Moscow
You get what you pay for.. As for most of the things that have to be bought in life, it is also true about furs. The price of mink skins varies, but the price for good quality mink will always be higher than the average. The price of mink coat production in China can be very low. However the price of careful traditional fur manufacturing in Kastoria will always be higher. That’s why Greek furs are always better looking.

Finally, fashion changes and fur can change style and follow color trends. However natural fur will always be more impressive and the best fur designers will always create magnificent fur coats compared to mass production.